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women in scifi alien species:


however the most common types are


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Anonymous asked,
I hope I don't come across as trying to tell you what you wrote, but maybe (since Donna has her memories and was connected telepathically with Ten and Cloen) it's like an echo of his consciousness from that connection? I think? idk

I dunno if you’re trying to help me explain it better lol but I had assumed it was something the Doctor intentionally did when he wiped her memories, just like he apparently, uh, installed the ‘defense mechanism’ that knocks out all the Master clones.

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In the Details | Peter Capaldi
A panoply of eccentric biographical data re: The New Doctor Who.
Photograph by Rankin. 


In the Details | Peter Capaldi

A panoply of eccentric biographical data re: The New Doctor Who.

Photograph by Rankin

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well damn tumblr radar

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Anonymous asked,
obviously I don't like the mindsex but I do really, really like tge idea that the Docyor was really there through some sort of weird Time Lordiness. Is that by chance something you were going for or was it just her subconscious?

Well, I didn’t intend that the actual living-breathing Doctor had any influence on what was happening in that fic. I did intend that it wasn’t entirely just a hallucination on her part though, but some sort of — uh — little message, or whatever, left behind. (This idea kind of wound up being utilized in “The Big Bang” when Amy says Eleven left a message in her head “like I’m an answerphone” lol.)

So I wrote it intentionally with Clippy having access to what Donna would know in her subconscious — like about Shaun — but not any access to information about the Doctor post-JE, like what’s happening to Ten at that moment or what’s going on in general. Basically I guess it’s kind of like an Emergency Programme 1 thing.

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Anonymous asked,
lol how fitting that that's a gif of ctate. Moreover I think that would be about Donna's reaction to people writing fic about her shagging the Doctor, especially while she's asleep

poor donna is going to go back in time and prevent the invention of the internet

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Anonymous asked,
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9. Which fic has been the hardest to write?

Hmmm. There’s been a few. We really struggled with the ending to “Identity Theft”, and “King and Country” was originally slated to be part of the_altverse fic series (lmao in retrospect, it would’ve been sooo out of place) so it had to be rewritten a bit when we took it out, and the ending changed several times.

Right now though I am inclined to say our current fic because fuck me the Master is so hard to write lol

32. How do you feel about smut?

Writing or reading?

Writing: noooooope. I can’t. It’s cliche tab-a slot-b drivel and it’s embarrassing for everyone but especially me.

Reading: lol meh, tbh. I don’t usually seek it out, I’m unlikely to read a fic that is smut and nothing else. I am more about the emotional porn than the, uh, literal porn.

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DI Peter Carlisle vs. DI Alec Hardy.

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Feed the Students of Ferguson (source: starter’s twitter St. Louis Foodbank Confirmation)

i have been seeing a lot of different links for different places to donate for bail and legal fees, but i haven’t been able to find anything on whether or not the funds have actually been going towards helping out the people of ferguson so

if you know of any more please add and spread them and if in doubt remember to google first

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Asexuality and aromanticism are different. The Doctor could have loved Rose but not wanted to have sex with her. In fact, it goes a ways to explain why he never could say it.

I know they are different — my issue is when people use them interchangeably precisely to dismiss the Doctor’s feelings for Rose. (I suspect this is a piece of rhetoric used less by people who really care about the Doctor’s asexuality, and more by people who care about Doctor Who not being an ~icky girly romance~.)

I’ve kinda had the feeling that part of the appeal of looms/pseudo-asexuality for the fanboys was because it helps maintain the power imbalance between the Doctor and the female characters — the companions are supposed to realize it’s futile early on and keep their distance as his plucky support crew, while the one-off lady characters are allowed to fall head-over-heels, flirt desperately, get a few swashbuckley-charm moments from the Doctor, swoon, and then get the brush-off.  They’re left behind ostensibly to pine after that tiemcock forever and ever.  

Nine’s whole your-wish-is-my-command attitude must have been a real bummer for them.

Yeah, I get that vibe too.

I mean I think there are, certainly now anyway, two very distinct segments and one of those segments are people for whom the Doctor as asexual is really personally important because they need/want/appreciate that kind of representation and I don’t really have any beef with that even if I don’t really happen to share that particular interpretation.

But it absolutely also gets misused by people who I think are less invested in the Doctor being an asexual icon and more invested in the Doctor as this male power fantasy who is so above all the measly human women he travels with that they have nothing to offer him on any level, he’s immune to their sinister womanly wiles, et cetera et cetera. That’s usually where you get the conflation of asexuality and aromanticism too, because again it’s less about him being asexual and what that means, and more about the companions not getting any grand ideas and the show not being tarnished with icky girl things.

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Anonymous asked,
omg. I've read that fic before (I love it, btw--I never left a review but I should have) but that's so gross?? It feels a bit like assault to me because she's asleep and thinks she's dreaming and won't remember. Or maybe it isn't that, but it's still creepy to me, lol


AND LOL RIGHT EVERYTHING IS CREEPY. I don’t know where something that un-real classifies as “assault” but it sure classifies as “creepy at best”. I remember reading it at the time and just being like

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Like just the other day I posted a 16 year old DWM article that talked about Time Lords and sex, including whether the Doctor’s asexual. It’s REALLY old.

lmao it’s something i find comforting about dw fandom really, to know that basically any argument has been had before and will be had again

it’s also why every time i see these smug sarcastic posts trying to, like, mock current fandom issues by reframing them as classic fandom things (‘jonathan nathan-turner is RUINING the show!!! bring back hinchcliffe!!’) i’m like… are you suggesting this isn’t something that happened, because i have news

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Anonymous asked,
um...I'm a bit afraid to ask but...mindsex??

Like… telepathic sex. It’s pretty big in DW fandom, which is the bane of my existence because it really honestly just wigs me out so bad ughalksfhalkwr.

The fic in question and rewrite are here if that helps. In my fic Donna is dreaming. (Uh. Mostly.)

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