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Anonymous asked,
which hogwarts houses would you sort clementine and lee into? just wondering!


Lee is pretty bold and go-get-‘em so my instinct is to say Gryffindor.  I suppose it depends a bit on how you play him though, my “real” (the one I played first) Lee was a pretty good guy and a good leader and stuff. I think he could veer into Slytherin if you use a lot of the manipulative/douchebag options instead though, and make him an ass to everyone.

The same goes for Clem as a playable. In s1 I’d’ve said probably Hufflepuff because Clem’s desire to be nice to everyone and to protect people like Ben and represent whatever good remains in humanity is pretty big. So, I’d say Hufflepuff.

In s2 you have control over her though and she’s lost a little bit of that, so maybe if she got sorted in s2 she’d be somewhere else. Again it would depend — you can make her very brave and/or very clever and/or very manipulative. I think my s2 Clem might be more of a Slytherin. She is out for herself more or less.

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in case america didn’t look bad enough

this is not real omg


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30 Days of Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Favorite Friendship

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5x07 "Look around you. Examine everything. Look for all the details that don’t ring true."

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We’re all pretty bizarre broken.
Some of us are just better at hiding it, that’s all.

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Narrator: And although the intervention didn’t work…it turned into one of the Bluth family’s better parties.
Spring Breakout - 2x17


Narrator: And although the intervention didn’t work…it turned into one of the Bluth family’s better parties.

Spring Breakout - 2x17

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The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

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go and watch his acting on this show.

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Attention all  Doctor Who Legacy players:

TenToo (aka the Metacrisis Ten Ally per DWL) is officially available in the store as part of an ally pack, which also includes Ianto, and a Silent Priest. Metacrisis Ten will be a rare drop in season 5. It launches this evening around 6:30 PST. The perk is also live now, along with a major app update: DWL 2.0, Rise of the Master.

(More info on their Facebook Page)

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Anonymous asked,
please tell me you have a link to this rose/cloen masterpiece??

you mean the skull one?? lol i don’t, i genuinely don’t remember who wrote it or what it was called

it was definitely from the LJ community then_theres_us if you feel like wading through a few years’ worth of archives though. i’d guesstimate circa 2009 or 2010.

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yooo followers so i’m doing a thing for a class and i would highly appreciate if you could answer these questions. you may reblog and put your answers, fanmail me your answers, maybe a private post and link me, whichever works for y’all. if you choose to fill this out, answer as honestly as poss plz thank, and by april 23

ETA: these questions refer specifically to online communication primarily on tumblr

1. what is your age, gender identification, racial/ethnic identity, geographic location?
(you may skip some or all parts of the question)

2. does the way you type now differ from when you first used social media/tumblr? how did it change, why did it change?

3. how important is it to you that your typing reflects how you would say it in person?
4. what do you use to indicate tone beyond word choice? what do you do to make up for the lack of the accompanying body language? how do you read different indications that other people use? (how differently would you read this if it had proper capitalization, for example)
5. does the way you type change depending on who you are talking to? (do you ever match styles with someone you are chatting with?)
6. have you ever had any instances where someone has misinterpreted the tone of your typing? have you ever misinterpreted someone else’s? if so, why do you think that happened?
7. talk to me about the wonder of gifs in communicating on tumblr. (or, talk to me about your possible ambivalence/hatred towards gif use)
8. anything else you would like to add? (optional)

1. 24, cis woman, white, Canadian born & raised

2. I’m ancient so I’ve been typing on the internet since I was about 8 years old, and lots has changed. I modify the way I type depending on context and what I’m trying to convey and tone. Most of the changes I would say involve slang, but also punctuation (or lack thereof) and spelling (you/u)

3. depends on context whether or not I am trying to reflect how I would say it in person. Answering this for eg I am not. When I’m having a “conversation” through messages, IMs, reblogs, I tend to try and mimic my verbal speech with my writing a lot more.

4. I use punctuation and spelling to indicate tone. Proper punctuation and spelling create a more formal, sometimes firmer and professional tone. if i start writing all in lowercase i find it creates a more casual and more personal tone, which can either be approachable or dismissive depending on the content. I use tildes around words when I’m being ~sarcastic~ or as a textual way of identifying a specific verbal tone I can really only describe as “jazzhands”. Misspelled/”text speak” words tend to be either joking or mocking depending on context (“r u srs” vs “are you serious?”) ALL CAPS IS LIKE TALKING LOUDLY BUT NOT SHOUTING, SORT OF THE INTERNET EQUIVALENT OF BEING IN A NOISY ROOM AND TRYING TO BE HEARD RATHER THAN YELLING ANGRILY

This is how I read what other people write, as well — proper spelling/punctuation tends to be more formal, all-lowercase is more casual and occasionally confrontational, etc.

5. Sometimes. If someone is talking to me and they’re using proper spelling and punctuation I am more likely to match that, and if someone is using all-lowercase I am more likely to match that. Sometimes however I will just do whatever comes more naturally regardless of what they’ve done.

6. Yes I think people misinterpret my tone on the internet a lot. Usually it is my sarcasm and/or deadpan humour that people misinterpret as being serious/they take it at face value when I am kidding.

I’m sure I’ve misinterpreted someone else’s tone before but I can’t remember a specific instance. Probably I think it is a case where I assume that they use typing conventions the same way I do (see question #4) but in reality they do not.

7. I think gifs are generally a great replacement for facial expression on the internet, and have become almost a substitute for body language in many ways. I think they help create or add to the tone of something in the same way a person’s body language, hand gestures, or facial expression would in a verbal conversation. Sometimes a gif can be difficult to interpret, and that will obscure a person’s intent rather than clarify it.

8. this was fun to answer i heart linguistics

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jeff goldblum is doing an AMA on reddit and it’s amazing because he TYPES LIKE JEFF GOLDBLUM

"You know, I make sure that I have a good time on any movie. I make sure that I have a good time on any movie. It’s, uh, an uncommon privilege."









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