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oh oh, let me guess, they were also defending Martha?
lol nope it was just a regular 5 minutes hate for rose. i’m pretty sure one bolded point in their long list was like “disrespects the TARDIS” lmaooooo

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  1. callistawolf said: I sometimes wonder if the large portion of these people’s “sources” are actually from fanfiction and they forgot it wasn’t actually canon.
  2. soufflesforgallifrey said: lmao oh god, this fandom is the best and worst fandom to be in.
  3. pulledacross said: "disrespects the TARDIS"??? ugh what a nonsense. while people write fics about Rose and the TARDIS being ‘bonded’ or w/e, other people say this. oh fandom..
  4. fauxkaren said: disrespects the tardis? whaaaaa? oh is OP one of those people who believes that Rose violated the tardis by opening her up in TPOTW?
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